Q: Why choose silicone wire for my application.?

A: Silicone insulated wire is extremely flexible and chemical resistant allowing it to be used where plastic insulated wire would crack or fail.

Q: Why choose Rowe Industries for my wire.?

A: Unlike other manufacturers, Rowe Industries manufactures our own UL, CSA, Specialty, and Military approved compounds from scratch, in the USA. This allows complete control over the quality and properties of our insulation making it second to none. Our half a century of experience with silicone rubber makes us “the” high voltage silicone experts.

Q: What is the temperature rating all about.?

A:Wire carrying current creates heat. Wire is used in environments that are frequently above ambient temperature. For this reason, cables are de-rated, or their current carrying capacity is reduced, and often the cable’s life span is greatly reduced. Silicone wire is often used in higher than ambient conditions for this reason as well as to have a smaller conductor capable of higher current carrying capacity without degradation. Thermoplastic wires are often limited to 75, 90, or 105 degrees C. Silicone rubber cables are rated for 150, 200, and some even 250 degrees C. !

Q: Is Silicone Rubber easy to process.?

A: Silicone rubber wire is easy to strip, easy to form due to extreme flexibility, and easy to seal or “pot” to using RTV or LSR common materials.

Q: I don’t see the wire I need, do you make others ?

A: Yes, Rowe Industries produces over 100 UL styles of wire and many non-UL and custom wires. It is not practical to list every product and option here, contact us. !

Q: Do you offer custom products or services. ?

A: Yes, we regularly produce OEM specific cables, custom cables, custom colors or print, etc. Through our distribution partners, we can even offer stocking programs, custom cut and stripped lengths, custom packaging, etc.

Q: Do you make military wires. ?

A: Yes, Rowe Industries is the leader in Military silicone wire. We keep a large conductor stock, even in silver plated conductor. !

Q: Do you make any other products. ?

A: Yes !!! We manufacture self-fusing silicone rubber tape as well as VERSI-MOLD, the most versatile rubber product ever devised. !  Contact us for more information today. !