R790 High Voltage Silicone Lead Wire

Rowe's R790 "Super Tough" High Voltage Silicone Lead Wire uses Rowe silicone compound R790. This compound was specially developed for high abrasion resistant requirements and also exhibits excellent dielectric capabilities in extreme environments.


  • "Super Tough" Insulation
  • 5 thru 60 KVDC Voltage Rating
  • Can be Autoclaved
  • 12 thru 22 AWG Conductors
  • -40°C thru 200°C Temperature Rating
  • High Flexibility
  • Flame Retardant

Technical Data :

Applications :

Rowe's R790 "Super Tough" High Voltage Silicone Lead Wire has been used in military, space, and industrial areas where high abrasion resistance, high voltage, and flexibility are major requirements.


Wire Construction Standard-Silver Plated Copper
Insulation Material Rowe R790 Silicone Compound (Standard Color White)
Temperature Rating* Silver Plated Copper Conductor 200°C Max. Tin Plated Conductor 150°C Max.
Voltage Rating Maximum DC voltage rating in air